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We find savings and profits opportunities for small businesses.

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Coordinated Planning

Both your business and your family depend on your success. Tightly coordinate between your personal finances and your business finances.

Integrated Tax Planning

Taxes can eat away half of your wealth in your life time. Our planning service minimizes lifetime taxes, both currently and taxes during retirement.

Accelerate Retirement

We help you reach your goals earlier with wealth planning. Improve the sales price of your main investment, your business.

Risk Management

Having all of your eggs in one basket is risky, but most business owners have their wealth in their business. Properly insure against risk.

First In Class

We are the first integrated analysis service in the Kansas City region. We have the experience, and we have specialized training for business analysis.

Build a Road Map

Our main service is to give you confidence to make the hard decisions you must make while owning a business. See the finish line.

More Stuff

Finally, a planning service just for the small business owner. There are so many great things we can do for the right small business. We can reduce inventory overhead and financing overhead, we can increase margin per custom, we can even reduce revenue and increase profits. That is right, by using our independent analytical mindset, we can actually determine if certain revenue streams are costing your more money than you are making off of them.

Our analytics and planning service is a natural evolution from our quality bookkeeping service. We work so many books that, eventually, patterns just start emerging. We have seen things like business owner taking out a high interest loan to buy and expensive piece of equipment even though renting it by the day sounded too expensive. We have seen profits increase just by opening a business an hour later and closing it an hour later. In some weirder cases, we have seen profits increase by closing on Sunday.

As a licensed CPA firm, we cannot accept commissions from selling you anything unless we disclose exactly how much commission we would receive before you make a purchase decision. We do NOT have exclusive contracts with any third party including life insurance, attornyes, or software companies. Our advice to you is arms length and independent. We do not make money off of anything other than the fees we collect from you, so we have no conflicts of interest.

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