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You are good at what you do, and we are good at bookkeeping. Hire a licensed CPA and enjoy more free time and piece of mind.

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Starting at $150/month

Save Time

Do not spend a minute more on bookkeeping than you need to. We custom design easy to use bookkeeping systems tailored to your industry, business, and personal preferences so you will spend less than twenty minutes a month on bookkeeping. In most cases, we handle all of the bookkeeping behind the scenes for you. All we need from you is a twenty-minute phone call per month, if at all.

Save Money

A professionally managed bookkeeping system will help reduce costs in other parts of your business. You will enjoy lower tax preparation costs and easier sales tax calculations. Finding unneeded expenses to trim will become easier. The quality, or profitably, or your sales will improve.

Ease of Use

We custom design our bookeeping systems around your preferences to make it easier for you. If you want, we can handle all bookkeeping behind the scenes for you and e-mail you your monthly profits reports, or we can collaborate and share work to keep costs down.

Best Practices

Best practices, or the "rules of accounting," provide more usable and valuable data to make decisions at a lower cost. Many clients will mention how they "felt lost" before they started using best practices, and now they feel more content and confident.

Our Experience

A Certified Public Accoutant with business training will manage every part of your bookkeeping system. Our associates have either owned small businesses or managed start-ups, so they have both the experience and understanding needed to manage your books.

Our Guarantee

Few bookkeeping services offer guarantee. If we make an error in managing your bookkeeping system, we will fix it at no charge. If we do not save you time on your boookeeping, we will work with you, at no charge, until you do realize time savings.

More Stuff

With our managed bookkeeping service, you will spend less than twenty minutes a month on reconciliations, payroll, sales tax, and estimated income taxes. If we do not save you time, you can leave us at anytime. We are confident you will appreciate our service, so we do not lock you into long-term contracts. We will even provide you a data file and reports so you can pick up where we left off without having to start over.

We support many software systems. It does not matter if you use Quickbooks or Xero, if you sell on Amazon or eBay, if you use a specialize point of sale system or job management system. At the end of the day, accounting software is a tool for the professional accountant. We currently support a dozen different software suites, some specialized to certain industries. The IRS uses several techniques to audit small business regardless of what software that business uses. Unlike the IRS, we have your best interest in mind, so we use the same techiques to make sure we deliver a quality and timely service to you.

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