Payroll Made Easy

Why spend time on payroll when you could just mail, fax, or upload your timesheets and have the rest done for you?

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Starting at $30/month

Direct Deposit

Pay your employees the way they want by direct deposit, by debit card that meets labor law requirements, or by check. Print checks in your office, or let us print them for you.

Easy Time Keeping

Make payroll easy. Use a timekeeper app, punch cards, hand written time sheets, a spreadsheet, or enter time directly into our portal. Never use expensive and bloated software again.

Easy Bookkeeping

We integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks and Xero, and we provide detailed and customized journal reports for all other bookkeeping software suites. Bookkeeping for payroll is as easy as filling in the blanks.

Payroll Deductions

Unlimited payroll deductions for 401(k) plans, health insurance, garnishments, uniform and tool deposits, lab shrinkage, and employee advance repayments. We can even print the check for the third party for you.

Use a Regulated payroll service

We are regulated by the Kansas Board of Accountancy and the Board of Accountancy in any state we provide service in. Most payroll services are not regulated, and getting results from them can be expensive.

Your Employees Benefit

Our pay stubs are formatted to meet the requirements of creditors, landlords, and check cashing services. An incomplete paystub can cause your employees delays when applying for loans and health insurance.

More Stuff

Why pay for online payroll software just so you can do all of the work yourself? We offer a managed payroll solution managed by licensed and regulated payroll professionals. You will not spend long hours printing paychecks, filing tedious tax returns with a half dozen separate tax agencies, and printing W-4 Forms on time. It is simple with us! Mail or fax us your time sheets, upload your spreadsheet, or enter your employees' time in our timekeeper app, and we will do the rest for you. We will prepare your payroll for you and have your employees paid on time.

The best part is our managed payroll service costs about the same as do-it-yourself software. How, you may ask, do we keep our prices in line with DIY software? It is actually simple. Do-it-yourself tax software has to be programmed to handle the taxes of EVERY state and city even for cities with only a few people in them. Your favorite payroll software has to handle the payroll for a dog walker in Nowhere, Kansas just as it has handles the payroll for country singer in Nashville, Tennessee. Unless you pay employees in all fifty states and many small cities, you are paying for software features you will never use.

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