No More Fussing Over Sales Tax

We get it, figuring sales tax is hard. We have the expertise and tools to do it for you.

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Sales Tax

It is no fun to figure sales tax alone. Hire a professional starting at $30 a month.

Easy Integration

We use your existing accounting system for the information we need to complete your sales tax return. There is no need for expensive upgrades or learning a new system.


We can easily handle multiple jurisdictions, which is ideal for site contractors. All you need is a smartphone and a stylus, and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

Stop double paying

Sometimes you must pay sales tax on merchandise you buy, sometimes you do not. Not knowing when not to pay sales tax has been a costly mistake for many small businesses.

Accuracy Guaranteed

If we make an error that causes you to owe penalties or interest, we will pay the penalties and interest for you. You never need to be concerned about sales tax again.

Impress the investors

When it comes time to sell your business, investors will ask to see your sales tax returns. Make sure the tax returns show the true value of your business.

Reduce Audit Risk

There are a few things that can trigger a sales tax audit, the most common being the sales tax return not reconciling with your income tax return. Reduce your risk with our expertise.

More Stuff

Sales tax is downright confusing, but we have the expertise and tools to get you through even the hardest sales tax cases. We can handle most states, counties, and cities including cities with special interest sales tax like the soft drink tax. Businesses that travel between locations, like contractors, repair people, and exterminators, can benefit the most from our expertise. With a smartphone and a stylus, we can make your sales tax infinitely easier.

Our expertise does not stop at just figuring sales tax. Many small business owners pay sales tax on items that they purchase that they should not pay tax on. In some of the more extreme cases we have come across, a car dealership owner over-paid $6,000 on car parts used to prepare preowned cars for sale. Paying sales tax might help the schools, but it does not do your bottom line any good.

Should you become one of the unfortunate businesses to receive an audit notice, we are prepared to defend you to the end. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of an audit, if we manage your sales tax, we can generally manage the audit more effectively and at a lower cost.

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