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We are asked all the time. Yes, only a licensed CPA will work on your tax return.

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Business Income Tax

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Our Experience

Save time and money with our decade of experience. We have experience with most industries including professional services, retail, and construction. If we have not already prepared a tax return for your industry, we have the resources to do so. We can find you tax breaks that others miss.

Find Tax Breaks

Because tax laws change often, we receive annual training on the changes and how to make those changes work for our you. We can find deductions and tax breaks including several lesser known ones that others miss. With every tax return, we will review your previous years' returns at no charge to make sure you have not missed a tax break.

Benefit the Owners

Not every tax preparer considers how the business return affects the owners’ personal taxes. What looks good on the business return can increase the owners’ personal taxes. We work to find the owner the most tax breaks. We also find other benefits such as Pell Grants and Obamacare subsidies.

Upfront Pricing

With our experience, we have come up with a system to give you reliable upfront pricing. If it becomes clear early in the project that we will go over the price we quoted you, we will tell you what you can do to bring the price back to what we quoted. We never preform services without your approval. Never.

Accuracy Guarantee

If we make an error, we will fix it at no charge. If you receive a notice from the IRS, we will respond to it at no charge as long as the notice was not caused by something you did intentionally. We will even respond to most notices for prior tax years at no charge.

Audit Defense

We are able to defend you in audits. Using our experience with the IRS, we can make sure that you do not agree to anything that you do not need to agree to, and we can make sure that your interest always comes first. We protect our clients.

More Stuff

Tax is not fun, and it is not glamorous. When it comes time to file them, you should hire a diligent professional who specializes in business taxes. Beyond just taking numbers from one form and sticking them onto another form, we are experienced in the accounting and finance that goes into the tax return. Simple accounting mistakes can have a major impact on your taxes and bottom line.

We specialize in businesses services, so we do not treat business tax returns as simple data entry. We treat your business tax returns as the final score card for the last year of hard work you put into developing your business. We take it personally when a government scrapes off of your eighty-hour work weeks. For this reason, we take extensive training on tax credits and tax breaks allowed to businesses. Also, when we prepare a business tax return, we plan up to five years into the future for future tax savings. For example, which year you buy that shiny new piece of equipment in can have a big impact. Should you do it in December, or should you do it in January.

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