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Nearly half of your wealth goes to taxes. Tax planning can level the playing field.

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Tax Planning

We save our clients a fair amount of money with tax planning. With our service, you will receive several benefits:

Protect your wealth

Nearly half of your wealth will be lost to taxes. There are several things you can do before retirement to reduce or possibly eliminate your taxes in retirement. No taxes means not having to file tax returns in your golden years.

Tax advantaged investing

In the eyes of the IRS, not all income is created equally. We work with brokers and wealth managers to structure your portfolio to keep the same income, but have it taxed less.

Compound interest

Compound interest can work for or against you. Using tax strategies, we will work to reduce your cost of debt after tax and to reduce taxes on investments to allow for greater reinvestments.

Transfer your wealth

When it comes time to leave your children your assets, you want them to get it, not the IRS. There are several tax strategies to aovid estate taxes and to minimize the taxes your children pay on your assets.

Net producers can be net consumers

Because of the way government benefits, such as Obamancare, are structured, you can retire earlier than expect on them. It is possible to retire two years earlier than planned just by manaing your taxable income.

A computer can not do this

A computer is not creative enough or smart enough to plan for the several hundred variable we plan for. All of our planning is prepared with manual model that require constant fine tuning as your life changes.