Don't Let the IRS Bug You

We have troves of experience with audits, debts, unfiled returns, and notices. We can protect your rights see you through green pastures ahead.

Start Fresh Now

Tax Debt Negotitations, Audits, & Notices

We are a locally owned accounting service offering fair and honest service to individuals with tax issues. With us, you get several benefits:

Know ahead of time

In most cases, the notice you received from the IRS is computer generated and never seen or touched by human hands until you opened it. Many notices can be resolved in your favor.

Do not over pay

The IRS and many states have rightfully earned bad reputations. You should not cower in fear and pay what you do not owe. Use a professional who knows how to respond.

Do not give up your rights

We have responded to several hundred notices and several audits. We never give the IRS information they do not ask for, we never agree to any terms that favors the IRS over you.

Know when to throw in the towel

When the IRS is right, it is better to negotiate the reasonable settlement than it is to fight. We can help you negotiate better settlement terms.

It never hurts to ask

We provide consultations for $50. We can tell if you should contest or settle. There is no need to spend thousands on a out of state operation that advertises on TV in the twilight hours.

Reduce your stress

Working with the IRS is a slow and frustrating proccess. We are professionals who do it often. The IRS cannot play our emotions against ourselves like they can against you.